Linear Access Control Digital Keypad, Outdoor Reviews

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  • An upgraded version of the Linear AK-1
  • Universal wired keypad will operate on any gate or garage door operator
  • Self-contained keyless entry method ideal for airports, hospitals, warehouses, workplace buildings
  • Up to 480 programmable input codes of a single to six digits each
  • Two LED indicators show program status

The Model AK-11 Exterior Digital Keypad is a digital keyless entry method made for access manage applications. The keypad is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure that can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted straight to a wall. The die-cast keys have bright, effortless-to-study yellow graphics. Up to 480 entry codes, from 1 to six digits in length, can be programmed. They can activate either, or both, of the relay outputs. Relay #1 has a 5 Amp capacity. Relay #two has a 1 Amp capacity. The relays

List Value: $ 231.99


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