APC Biometric Password Manager PC-CARD 4000

- - Biometrics

Stop leaving your e-mail, online banking, shopping and brokerage account user name and password out in the open. The Biometric PCMCIA Card provides users a convenient and secure way to manage and access multiple user names and passwords. This product authenticates users by their fingerprint and automatically accesses password protected applications and Web sites.

List Price: $ 159.99


2GB Biometric Fingerprint USB Flash Drive adds and deletes the fingerprint, you can store 10 different fingerprints. No need to install any driver, plug and play, click onmy computer and fingerprint. With 2GB USB Flash Drive, you can easily store, swap, and share e-documents, pictures, music, and video clips. affordable and puts mobile storage in nearly anyone’s hands. Slide-type fingerprint reader can slide for over 1 million times, fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate.Lighten your load

List Price: $ 83.98


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