Biometric Fingerprint Attendance TFT Time Clock N-308 Employee Payroll Recorder for Office,School, Voice prompts: available

- - Biometrics
  • 2.8″ TFT HD Display
  • Identity dry or wet fingers
  • Tempered glass. Durable.
  • Dual-core processors, quick identify.
  • Support U disk. Multi-link download mode.

Key Features: ¡¤ Sixth generation fingerprint recognition technology, high accuracy
¡¤ Dual-core processors quickly identify
¡¤ With Chinese or English voice prompts
¡¤ High-precision clock chip
¡¤ Powerful anti-crash technology, high stability
¡¤ A strong background in software, custom reports
¡¤ Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, English (individuals choose only)
¡¤ Support Chinese / English / Korean Name Display
¡¤ Su

List Price: $ 59.06


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