David-Link A-1300 Biometric Door Access Control System

- - Biometrics
  • Scan up to three,000 fingerprints
  • Record up to 60,000 accesses
  • Employee authentication techniques: fingerprint, proximity card or pin quantity
  • Display employee name on screen when punching in
  • Administrator function to edit, add or delete records

Manage System is very good for up to 3,000 fingerprint template and can record up to 60,000 accesses. Employee authentication approaches are by fingerprint, proximity card and pin quantity, when personnel punch in their name will be displayed on the screen. The most current David-Hyperlink Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI) can scan fingerprint image in less than 1 second. The Normal Proximity Card Reader is constructed in with RFID. Every single terminal is assigned with an IP address in the network, so the Door A

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