PiSector 2-in-1 Cellular Dual Network Wireless Security Alarm System with Dual Network for Simultaneous Double ProtectionD Display DIY Kit

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  • Dual network for double protection of your home or house at the very same time. Auto-Dial-out and / or send SMS to alert you of emergency in case of burglary, fire, flood, and SOS similar to other monitoring service providers but you do it your self and do not need to have to spend any month-to-month monitoring charges.
  • Stylish door/window gap detectors with sturdy 3M double-sided sticking tape for effortless installation.
  • Microprocessor-controlled pet-immune sensors for detecting motion of objects above 50 lbs with pre-evaluation before alerting to lessen false alarms.
  • Loud wireless indoor siren alerts neighbors to deters prospective intruders, and easy hide the console so an intruder cannot uncover it and smash it. Landline anti-reduce protection.
  • Totally wireless alarm system. Basically plug the principal unit to a energy outlet and all other sensors are completely wireless.User can self-monitor the technique anytime anyplace through your cell telephone .

PiSECTOR GSM06 series program is 2G cellular device, needs a SIM card, such as these from T-Mobile or Mobalfreedom Cellular (Auto down grade 3G/4G SIM card or call to add 2G service to your account). If you wish to be alerted via landline only, then no need for a SIM card at all.
# 10 wireless zones which can help up to 100 sensors, every single sensor has its unique address and the main unit will send the sensor number that was tripped or triggered.
# Up to four wired sensors you can be use

List Cost: $ 250.89


  • Choose motion-activated recording or H.264 compression to maximize storage space
  • Super resolution cameras supply crisp and detailed video
  • Monitor up to 100 feet away in total darkness with automatic night vision
  • View anytime, anyplace with remote viewing by way of world wide web, smartphone, and tablet

Record more than two years’ worth of footage on the included 500 GB difficult drive

List Cost: $ 649.99


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