PiSector PS03-M12 Professional Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit with Auto Dial

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  • Auto-dial function calls up to 6 number in case of alarm. Silent Alarm Mode calls out discreetly suitable for shops or in life-threatening situations. Landline cut / short-circuit / unplugged alert if system is armed.
  • Name each sensor with up to 28 characters to help identify them easily for later editing with auto-search feature.
  • Stylish door/window gap detectors with easy installation with strong 3M double-sided sticking tape. Microprocessor-controlled pet-immune sensors for detecting motion of objects above 50 lbs with pre-analysis before alerting to minimize false alarms.
  • Loud wireless indoor siren alerts neighbors to deters potential intruders.Chime function to notify you of guests entering or child opening door/window.Door/Window Is Open auto-detector to prevent you from arming the system while a door or a window is open before you leave home. You can override it with long press on the ARM button.
  • Volume adjustable function with mute to hide the console so an intruder cannot find it and smash it. Wireless indoor siren will keep you informed of status of the system with colored LED light.Power Outage Warning, system will use backup battery to

The PiSECTOR PS03 system has upgraded from mode S02 system, most popular and useful functions have added in PS03, such as Door/Window open remind, Chime, Power Outage Warning, Volume adjust, Daily Schedule Arm/Disarm, Wireless siren enabled/disabled per zone, Editable zone name and more
New Designer Style Motion Sensors and Door Gap Detectors to match with your beautiful home and furniture, reliable intelligent pet immune motion sensor to minimize false alarm. 3M double tape to install all senso

List Price: $ 296.67