PiSector S02 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Auto Dial Reviews

- - Home Security Systems
  • Motion Detectors are advanced wavee type. Programmable entry and exit delay
  • Phone line anti-cut function [warning sound alerts to line tampering]
  • 32 defensive zones containing up to three sensors in each. Alarm Monitoring & Installation
  • Keypad has integrated automatic dialer with memory storage capacity for 6 phone numbers [16 digits in length] and recorded message
  • Auxiliary power back-up system for continuous operation during power outages

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Power Supply: AC 220V DC 9V
Internal Power: Ni-Mh battery, DC=7.2V
Static Current: less than 50mA
Alarm Current: less than 300mA
Wireless Frequency: 433±0.5MHz
Wireless Receiving Sensitivity:5mV/ m

List Price: $ 248.99