UniquExceptional UDC6 Outdoor Dome Fake Security Camera with BLINKING LIGHT

- - Home Security Systems
  • Can be mounted on wall or ceiling as the mounting hardware can rotate
  • Can be utilised Indoors or Outdoors
  • This unit does contain a continuous flashing light
  • The camera demands two AA batteries that are not incorporated.
  • Every single camera includes the safety sticker shown.

Now you can deter robbery, theft, and vandalism with no the higher cost of a genuine safety camera. When placed in your house or enterprise, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premise is guarded by a higher-tech surveillance method and go in search of an simpler target. In reality, these surveillance cameras have been modified into a “dummy” or fake safety camera. This unit does include a continuous flashing light. The camera attributes a totally adjustable mounting bracket that will let you

List Price tag: $ 24.95


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