Ideal Security Inc. SK615 Residential Wireless RF Motion Detector

- - Motion Detectors
  • Motion detector must be link to and Ideal Security receiver
  • Will detect movement and send signal to receiver
  • Different receivers are the auto dialer, siren, and alert
  • This motion detector is not compatible with Ideal’s SK601 or SK602
  • The motion detector will detect pets, to minimize false alarms aim the detector 5-6 feet above the floor

The Ideal Security SK615 Residential Wireless RF Motion Detector is designed to work with all of Ideal’s RF wireless dialers. This motion detector has a range of 8-meters and 110 degrees and can be placed as from the receiver as 80-meters. It requires no wiring for setup and even includes a warning sticker and 9V battery. Great for the SK623, SK626, SK618, SK632, and SK633. Additional Features Number of Sensors: 1 Range Distance: 8 meters Range of Motion: 110 degrees About Ideal Security Ideal S

List Price: $ 32.99