Leviton RS110-10W 500W Incandescent, 110 Degree, 2500 Square Feet Coverage, PIR Outdoor Occupancy Sensor, White Reviews

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  • Excellent for a wide range of residential settings including backyards, garages, entranceways, porches, swimming pool locations, doorways and private docks
  • Sensor neck adjustment enables correct region monitoring: 110 degrees vertical, 180 degrees horizontal, 110 degrees rotational
  • Adjustable delayed OFF time settings from 20 seconds (for test mode) to 15 minutes
  • Adjustable sensitivity reduces false triggers
  • Provides Automatic, Test and Continuous Modes: Test Mode simulates automatic operation with brief delayed OFF time for ease of creating adjustments. Continuous Mode enables manual override for continuous lights ON operation

500W 500VA, 120 Volt AC 60Hz, PIR, 110 Degree, 2500 Sq. Ft. Coverage, Outdoor Occupancy Sensor, Residential Grade – White, UPC: 07847704624

List Price tag: $ 26.92


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