PRO-164 Radio Scanner – RadioShack

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  • Straightforward to study in low light or entirely dark places
  • Download frequencies from your computer to your radio scanner with optional computer software and patch cable
  • Clones with another PRO-164, 20-164 handheld or with the desktop version, PRO-163, 20-163
  • Now includes bar graph signal-strength meter

he RadioShack(tm) PRO-164 scanner, constructed by GRE of Japan, is basically the GRECOM PSR-300 in a different skin. This model is a simple trunking scanner with a common quantity of channels and banks. If you’re in an location with trunking (EDACS(tm) or Motorola) and no or limited digital, this is a fantastic option for a handheld scanner.

The PRO-164 retailers up to 1,000 frequencies. You can plan alpha tags along with the frequencies and sub-audible tone codes so you will know precisely whom you’r