Scancat-Lite-Plus COMBO CD- Programming software – Includes Mr Scanner Frequencies – for Police Scanner from Radio Shack, Uniden, GRE, Home Patrol – Scanning –

- - Radio Scanners
  • Pc programming application for Police Scanners
  • Software program supports virtually all Radio Shack and Uniden Scanners
  • Supports most Police Scanners that have personal computer connectivity.
  • Includes 50 State frequency Database either by State or County
  • Programming Cable is not supplied. Have to be Bought from Manufacturer

Combo CD contains:


Scancat-Lite-Plus software program which supports All scanners in 1
single software plan
Our One particular program Supports:
o ALL Radio Shack Scanners
o ALL Uniden Scanners
o ALL MFJ and GRE Scanners

This COMBO CD contains:
* Mr. Scanner Public Safety 50 State Database
(Includes Each and every FCC Licensed Public Safety Frequency)
* More than 6000 ”RSD/Scancat” Pre-created Database files ( by counties )
(The quickest way to start programming yo

List Cost: $ 49.95


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