Tripp Lite P516-001 VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter HD15M/2XF

  • Item Sort – External
  • Length – 1 ft
  • Package – Retail
  • – Affordable remedy for presentations
  • 1 feet VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter Cable
  • HD15 Male to (2) HD15 Female with Hex Nuts
  • Economical solution for presentations
  • Per standard VGA specifications, Pin 9 is left open. This is common for all VGA cables and must not be regarded as a defect.
  • Splits the VGA/XVGA signal supplying simultaneous show of the identical image on two monitors. Use for brief distance applications only.

Tripp Lite 1ft VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter cable offers an low-cost option for splitting the video signal from your Computer VGA port to two monitors that use common 15 pin plugs. Excellent for laptops to display on a seperate, larger monitor. Use for brief distance applications only. For applications that need longer distances and highest resolution, see Tripp Lite B114-002-R, powered two-Port Splitter, or, B114-004-R, powered 4-port Splitter. Tripp Lite Lifetime Warranty.

List Value: $ 19.31