D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera 1050

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The D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera 1050 is a highly advanced camera that combines WiFi connectivity and Internet accessibility. D-Link added an extra layer of protection by including WPS security. Access the live stream directly from Dlink.com or from any Android or iOS device using an App from D-Link.

Setting up the DCS-931L camera could not be easier, just simply decide where you are going to place the camera and plug in the AC adapter. Follow the simple 3 step installation process and you will be ready to go. The signal is streamed completely secure with its 3 levels of security; WEP, WPA-PSK and WPK2-PSK.

Along with the camera you get the D-ViewCam management software which puts the video feed from up to 32 cameras on a single screen all at once. Along with streaming high quality video, you can take individual snapshots and save them to your hard drive.

Possible Uses

  • Indoor Surveillance
  • Video Capture System
  • Live streaming video

Key Features

  • Built-in WiFi Extender
  • Remote Controlled with Smartphone App
  • H.264 Video Compression Technology
  • Internet connectivity to multiple devices

Advantages of using the D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera 1050

The built-in WiFi 802.11N radio improves the wireless capability and using the built-in video compression software, it delivers higher quality security video streaming while taking up far less bandwidth. The integrated CPU works in conjunction with management software available for both Android and iOS enabled smartphones. The DC-931L can be setup to send email alerts to your phone when the motion or audio detection circuitry is activated.

Disadvantages of using the D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera 1050

Its lightweight plastic construction makes appear to be extremely fragile. The installation process is not exactly user friendly.

My Final Thoughts

The D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera is an easy to use wireless web camera that deliver high quality streaming video to any Android or iOS smartphone. By using D-Links MyDLink app you can log into your account on the Internet and access the camera video feed.

It can be activated and begin recording using its built-in motion detection circuitry which makes it perfect to be used as part of home or business surveillance system. It can also be used as part of a video capture system on any Windows based PC.

If you are in the market for wireless security video camera than you take a look at the D-Link DCS-931L Cloud Camera 1050. To see more information about it, just click the link below:

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