Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-F Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit with Auto Dial, Outdoor Siren and Smoke Detector & Glass Breakage Sensor Reviews

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  • Residence safety technique comprehensive with completely programmable major unit and sensors
  • Auto-dialer function will contact a designated number in case of security breach
  • Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in. Glass Breakage Sensor integrated
  • Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity
  • Loud, outside 110dB alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders + panic button included

Please note only Fortress branded goods will be honored by our guarantee and soon after-sales service. If you acquire a unit without the Fortress logo, you need to take into account it counterfeit and return to the seller right away.

The Fortress S02-F is the most advanced kit we provide for anybody wishing to install a safety system inside their residence. Comprehensive with magnetic sensors for windows and doors, the unit detects any forceable break in as nicely as any suspicious movement in rooms by signifies of t

List Price tag: $ 259.99


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