Ideal Security SK698 Wireless Motion Sensor Alert Set

- - Security Sensors
  • Wireless motion detector sends signal to receiver to alert of movement. You may add up to two more motion detectors SK615 to this receiver
  • Range from sensor to receiver up to 180 ft. The motion detector range is up to 26 ft.
  • Place motion sensors in a position to monitor a driveway, backyard shed or fence and be advised upon detection of movement
  • Monitor the entry to a store, restaurant, reception or lobby and be alerted when customers enter or leave when you are out of sight.
  • The receiver is portable and can be moved around as required or mounted to a wall

The Ideal Security interior monitor alert is a simple and convenient device to add security to your home, cottage, apartment or small business. Up to 6 sensors, detectors or remote controls can be linked to the sensor in individual zones. Each zone will make its own sound to help identify which sensor or remote has been triggered or activated. This is not an alarm, but a chime. The set includes 2 indoor / outdoor motion sensors, 2 remote controls, and one monitor/alert. An AC adapter for the ale

List Price: $ 99.99