(4) Pack of 200ft 200 Feet All-In-One Siamese CCTV Security Camera BNC Video and Power Cable for Surveillance System

- - Surveillance Camera Cables
  • All-in-one particular video and power cable
  • Plug and Play prepared
  • 4 x 200 feet video/power cables in white

Make an simple connection between your surveillance cameras to your power provide and digital video recorder (DVR) with these video/energy cable. It comes with pre-made 2.1mm power plugs and BNC video connections for use with our security cameras/DVRs or any normal Surveillance equipment.

List Value: $ 129.95


  • RG59 Siamese Energy
  • Video Combo Cable
  • 1000-Feet

1000-Feet Spool In A Box

List Price tag: $ 159.00