Aurum Cables 500 Feet Video Surveillance Siamese Coaxial Cable RG-59 & 2 Copper wires for Power – with crimp tool

- - Surveillance Video Equipment
  • RG-59 coaxial video wire, strong core
  • two 18 gauge copper wires for power supply
  • 500 FT length comes in a handy Pull out box + wooden spool
  • Perfect For video surveillance or anything which requirements external power
  • Cost-free Handy Crimp Tool

Our RG59 cable with power cable, is perfect for satellite installations and video surveillance installation or anything which requires an external energy source.This cable has a copper clad steel center conductor and is solid core surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. A bonded aluminum foil and 80% Copper braid offer one hundred% shield coverage.

List Price tag: $ 72.99