Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security–Outdoor Master System Camera

  • Logitech WiLife Digital Safety Systems are not compatible with the new Logitech Alert Digital Safety Systems
  • Help For Up To Six Cameras
  • Motion-activated Mobile Alerts
  • Several Mounting Choices

WiLife Digital Video Safety Camera Outside Master Method

List Cost: $ 299.99


  • RG-59/U Kind coax plus 1 pair 18 AWG stranded power cable. Siamese kind configuration with separation web
  • Video Cable: 20AWG Solid Bare Copper Center Conductor, 95% Braid Shield
  • Power Cable: two x 18AWG (7 Strand) Bare Copper Conductor 300 feet in white colour
  • Skilled Siamese Coax Cable for CCTV Surveillance Camera and Security System
  • White PVC Jacket. Accepting Twist-on BNC Connectors or any other Standard RG-59 Coax Connectors and Energy Pigtails

The RG59/U Siamese Coax cable is the expert choice for your CCTV security camera systems installation. The RG59/U Siamese Coax provides both video and energy by combining the RG59/U Coax plus 1 pair 18 AWG stranded energy cable. The RG59/U Siamese constructions save time and funds. Best for wiring video cameras. It really is suitable for simple analog Television antenna feeds in residential applications and for simple CCTV systems. Siamese cable is convenient since it has each energy and video cable ind

List Price tag: $ 294.95