Videosecu 4 Pack 50 Feet Video & Power Extension Security Camera Cables with BNC RCA Adapters and 12V DC Power Supply with 4 (2.1mm) Channel Power Supply for Home CCTV DVR Surveillance System CFW

  • Video safety camera self installation kit
  • four x 50 feet video/power cables in white
  • 12V DC Regulated CCTV Energy Supply with Four 2.1mm DC Output Center Positive, 2 Amp Total Output
  • Every video/energy cable has BNC connectors and contains two RCA/BNC adapters
  • Plug and Play ready For camera with DC energy only

Security Camera installation kit, involves one particular of 12V DC four channel fully regulated specialist CCTV energy supply, four of 50 feet energy and video all in one extension cables, and 8 of RCA/BNC adapters for different camera connections.

List Price: $ 119.99