Anker® Wireless Charger Qi-Enabled Single-Position USB Charger Power Charger Charging Pad for Nexus 5 / 7 / 4; Samsung S4, S3, Droid Charge; LG Optimus LTE2, Spectrum; HTC Rezound, Incredible 2, Incredible 4 LTE; Motorola Droid 4; Nokia Lumia 920; Fujitsu docomoand F-10D, F-09D, F-03D, F-03D Girls’; Sharp docomo SH-07D, SH-04D, SH-02D, SH-13C; NEC docomo N-01D; Panasonic docomo P-06D and more Apple & Android devices with wireless receiver- White


Compatible with any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover Charge your smartphone without cables or a USB interface Two LEDs…