- - Voice Dialers
  • Dials 4 telephone numbers, two phone numbers & one pager, or 2 pagers
  • 20 second message length
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in capability
  • Up to 20 digits in phone quantity and 20 pager digits
  • Each channel has own recording & phone/pager list

Use this automatic voice dialer as a stand-alone verbal reporting technique for any N/O or N/C alarm sensor or to add voice dialing capability to most alarm systems. When the inputs are triggered, the voice dialer calls up to 4 phone numbers and plays a user recorded message of up to 20 seconds. Pagers can also be called and custom reporting codes of up to 20 digits can be sent to the pager (pager calls use two telephone number areas). Two separately triggered channels each have their personal message a

List Cost: $ .00


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