Wired Auto-dialer Burglar Security House Alarm System w/ microphone Microcomputer Design

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New and high quality
Can shop telephone numberE1,E2,E3,E4,every single pair can store 16 members max
With microphone
7 sects indication machine:When enter the phone number,indicator it at the same time
Connect the phone and DC 12V power,the orange line connect anode,brown line connect cathode
The signal line:when connect with NC,NO,no polarity.When as DC 12V power,the blue line connect anode,the green connect cathode
You can adjust the sending signal and phone technique<

List Value: $ 18.00


  • A full featured security program with 4 independent voice message dialer channels
  • four separate outgoing messages
  • Remote reset function makes it possible for termination of activated channel
  • Automatically calls up to eight telephones or cell phones

The AD2001 dialer functions busy-line and no-answer detection to make sure prompt transmission of up to two prerecorded messages delivered sequentially to as several as four regular telephones, cellular phones, voice and/or numeric pagers. Messages to each nearby and extended-distance calls can be transmitted. When activated, the dialer instantly starts calling the numbers in sequence, delivering each message 1 to three times in a row, in accordance with the preselected quantity of dialing attempts. The AD2001 is ext

List Price tag: $ 204.95


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