Lathem PC600 Touch Screen Time Clock System

- - Biometrics
  • Completely automated time tracking program for 50 personnel expandable to 1,000
  • Workers use proximity badges or full color touch screen for PIN entry
  • Enables department transfers, tip entry, viewing hours, and punch editing
  • Consists of Window-compatible application for editing, reporting, exporting and storing records
  • Interfaces directly to QuickBooks, ADP and Paychex payroll applications

Full colour, touch screen time! Automatically calculates worked hours which includes overtime and tracks time and attendance for 50 personnel (and can be effortlessly expanded to 1,000). Personnel enter PINs or use proximity badges to punch in and out, transfer departments or enter tips and amounts. Supervisors can add personnel, edit punches and message them directly at the terminal for efficient workforce management. Complete payroll and attendance information can be viewed on the screen, printed to reports

List Value: $ 500.00