Veridicom VKI-A Personal Identity Device 256MB USB BioMetric Fingerprint Reader

- - Biometrics
  • Features and Functionality: Veridicom software pre-installed WINDOW XP drivers on the device, including PC logon and file encryption. Files encrypted and stored on the device using fingerprint authentication. Secure password storage on board the device. Native USB implementation to immediately enable the device. Unique identifer per device. AES encryption.
  • Industry Applications: Financial Services: Multi-factor authentication. Reduce identity fraud. Secure internet banking. Secure transactions. One device for multiple accounts & applications. Reduce costs associated with passwords.
  • Public Sector: Cost effective deployment. Integration between POS and online transactions. Link loyalty programs to a user’s fingerprint and device. Increased convenience; enroll once, authenticate anywhere.
  • VKI combines strong authentication, logical access, and secure file storage into one convenient portable device.
  • Benefits: Integrates seamlessly with the Veridicom suite of enterprise software for an end-to-end identity management solution. Provides portable biometric authentication for use by individual and enterprise via standard USB connectivity. Stores biometric templates securely on the device. Secures documents and other personal information such as financial and medical records. eWallet by Veridicom allows users to maintain form information for a website, reducing the need to remember passwords or enter credit card details manually.

This device was designed for Windows XP. There are no known new drivers for Windows 7 or later.
Brand Name: Veridicom
Model: VKI-A 256MB
Item Package Quantity: 1

List Price: $ 169.99