Wireless PIR Home Security Burglar Alarm System Auto Dialing Dialer K05 99 Zones

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  • Using micro-computer to operate the alarm system, it can prevent theft, detect gas leakage, smoke and fire; No wiring is required and it is easy to install.
  • Wireless remote control to activate / deactivate through telephone system; The micro-computer auto calling reporting system can program a maximum of six (6) telephone numbers and it can be to a mobile phone or fixed line phone.
  • Owner of the alarm system is able to listen to the conversation of the intruders on the phone and the owner may re-activate the alarm to go off the second time to frighten the intruders; Horn hooting time length control option(1-9 minutes selectable by user)
  • Telephone line cut off alarm function option; Build in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5 hours automatically after power off.
  • 99 Wireless distinguishable guard areas LCD indicator on the host machine.

1 X Home Alarm System Main Pancel
5 X Wireless Door / Windows Sensor
2 X PIR Infrared Detector
1 X Wired Siren
3 X Remote Control
1 X AC Adapter
1 X Telephone Line
1 X User Manuel

List Price: $ 59.99