GE 45136 Choice-Alert Wireless Alarm Siren

- - Horns & Sirens
  • Add an added siren to enhance your system’s sound
  • Operates up to 150-Feet away
  • No wires to run
  • Low battery notification
  • Effortlessly produce your personal lighting control technique

The GE Choice-Alert Wireless Alarm Siren simply adds more sound to your alarm method. The extra siren is in a position to operate up to 150-Feet from the indicator and there are no wires to run for installation!The GE 45136 Choice Alert Wireless Alarm Siren is an alarm that you can add to your Selection Alert Safety system for greater sound coverage. It is best for bigger homes, sheds, detached garages, company properties, or areas where your Choice Alert Alarm cannot be heard. Featuring plug-and-

List Price tag: $ 44.99