Best Nanny Camera Professional grade Hidden Security Camera Video Recorder High Resolution 1280×720 in AC Wall Adapter outlet looking housing with 3 USB Charging Station for mobile devices replaces your AC wall adapter chargers. This Covert Security Camera records in HD 720P comes with 32GB built-in Memory, Motion Detector and Audio. Easy plug and play, No wiring required, No Wireless Radiation. Ac adapter security camera.

- - Motion Detectors
  • 720P Higher Resolution (1280×720) @ 30FPS Hidden Camera Covert Recorder with Audio
  • 32GB Internal Storage for longer hours if not days of motion activated recording. Functional 3USB Charging Ports for your mobile telephone, Camera, Players, and so on.
  • Video and Audio , Motion activated recording, Panic Recording. Adjustable Motion Sensitivity so you capture farther away motion or closer for tiny room.
  • 3 seconds Pre motion and post motion recording. Direct USB plug-in video retrival.
  • Cleaner look for better set-blending ( No hanging chord like the AC adapter). Plug and play!. Plug it in and motion activates recording. AC Outlets are non-functional.

All-in-1 Security Camera recording at 720P HighResolution professional grade hidden camera method with a constructed-in 32GB memory DVR. The camera and recorder is enclosed in a functional USB port wall charging station that looks like outlet wall extension(non functional) which simply blends into settings. Recording at 1280×720 with the price of 30FPS you will capture smooth, ultra-high resolution time stamped videos with audio. With motion detector you only record when motion is triggered or you c

List Price tag: $ 399.00


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