Smarthome INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor

- - Motion Detectors
  • Automatically turns on INSTEON-controlled lights or appliances when motion is detected
  • Automatically turns off right after motion stops (adjustable anyplace among 30 seconds and 2 hours)
  • Optional night-only mode keeps lights from turning on during the day
  • Outstanding range – up to 150-Feet from nearest Access Point or other dual-band item
  • Adjustable high/low light and motion sensitivity

Turn on your INSTEON-controlled lights or appliances when you enter the room and turn them off right after you’ve left. Actually automating your lighting, this motion sensor is perfect for locations of your home such as the laundry area, closets and the garage exactly where lights typically get left on. Use this motion sensor for indoor or outdoor applications, and link it to a wall switch, plug-in lamps or appliances. You can even have the motion sensor trigger your thermostat to a favorite comfort level when you en

List Cost: $ 34.99