Super Wide Band Radio Scanner Telescopic Antenna – Comet BNC-W100RX – BNC

- - Radio Scanners
  • WideBand telecopic High Overall performance Antenna for Radio Scanner Receivers
  • Exclusive double pivot design and style makes it possible for use on each Handhelds & desktop scanners
  • Length is approx. 40 inches when completely extended, has a “BNC” antenna connector
  • Pulls in some of those weak/distant signals that shorter antennas have problems with
  • Can be employed at numerous extended lengths, Receives 25-1300Mhz.

Wide Band 25-1300Mhz larger overall performance acquire antenna for Radio Police scanners!
Telescopic & Extends to 40″, can be utilized on Handhelds and Base models.
BNC antenna connector.

List Price: $ 37.98

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