Defender STEALTH1 Covert MPEG4 DVR Recording System with Built-in Color Pinhole Surveillance Camera Hidden in a Motion Sensor

- - Security Sensors
  • Wire-free monitoring–up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • 45 days of recording with included SD card
  • With motion activation capability the unit will only record only when movement is detected
  • View footage by hooking up to your Tv, or take away the SD card to view or archive footage
  • MPEG-4 compression–shop weeks of high quality footage

Making use of motion activated recording settings, the Defender STEALTH1 Covert DVR/Motion Detector makes it possible for you to watch more than your home or organization&rsquo valuables by detecting movements and recording them. Its covert DVR with constructed-in colour camera even enables you to place it strategically without anyone noticing it. This great safety technique involves a 2GB SD card exactly where you can shop recorded footage.

List Value: $ 199.99


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