Night Owl Security STA-168 Night Owl Security 16 Channel STA DVR with 8 Night Vision Cameras 500 GB HD and Smartphone Viewing, 30-Feet

- - Security Sensors
  • Pre-installed 500GB SATA HD
  • Motion activated e mail alerts
  • eight color indoor/outdoor night vision 30′ cameras

Pre-installed 500GB SATA HD. Motion activated e mail alerts. Viewable more than Smartphones, PC’s and Tablet PC’s . Connects straight to your Tv or monitor (VGA/RCA). four color indoor/outdoor evening vision 30′ cameras. Consists of: energy adapter for cameras and DVR, 60ft of cable per camera, RCA cable, Ethernet cable, mouse, remote handle, install card, safety stickers and assistance material

List Cost: $ 499.99