Schlage RS100HC V N N SL Home Door and Window Sensor with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave)

- - Security Sensors
  • The Schlage Door/Window Sensor permits you to remotely monitor your doors and windows, permitting you to keep in touch and in handle
  • Verify in to see if the doors and windows are closed at night
  • Set Nexia to notify you when doors or windows have been opened in the residence
  • Set Nexia to modify the temperature inside the property when windows have been opened or closed
  • Simple installation and set up–easy for non do-it-yourselfers, also

Nexia Property Intelligence and the Schlage Property Door/Window Sensor let you to remotely monitor activities within your home although you’re away. Merely log in to your net-primarily based Nexia account or use your mobile app to view sensor status in your house. Add extra sensors to monitor secondary doors and windows. Know what is happening at your house anytime, in true time, at any moment you choose from most web-connected computer systems, tablets or intelligent phones.

List Price: $ 82.00

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