VideoSecu High Sensitive Preamp Mini Audio Pickup Tiny Spy Microphone with Power Bypass for Security Audio Sound Voice Monitoring Recording and bonus Warning Decal WD4

  • Collect audio evidence as important as capturing video evidence
  • Preamplifier used to increase a microphone’s low output voltage to a stronger usable level
  • Built in on board IC preamp, low noise, high gain and auto level adjustment
  • Pick up every sound with this super high gain micro audio system. bonus warning sticker is included.
  • 1 ft cable attached with a RCA connector for audio and a power plug of 2.1mm center positive

This high gain mini preamp microphone is the best for CCTV professionals. Line level out put: 6-15 VDC. Power in and Power out design allows the microphone to share the same power source with the camera. bonus warning decal is included. Notice: This item is VideoSecu brand. Please report to if you received one without VideoSecu logo.

List Price: $ 41.25


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