Aurum Cables RG6 Black Shell Coaxial Video Cable 25 FT, F pin to F pin (Solid Core- 25 feet)

- - Surveillance Video Equipment
  • .81mm copper wire, Solid Core with F plug to F plug connectors and common shielding
  • 25 foot black cables with Black metal shell
  • Gold plated heavy duty connectors ensures long lasting and corrosion free of charge connections
  • Connect cable boxes, VCRs, or any video source with F-type output connections to any Television with matching F-sort input jacks

Aurum Cables RG6 Coaxial Cable
Our Aurum Cables RG6 are the highest top quality. They are manufactured and made with the highest good quality in mind. Our Cables Hi-Resolution RG6 F-Type Cables from Aurum Cables are produced with 75ohm coaxial cable that delivers high-high quality video photos. Low-loss 75ohm copper wire, supplies accurate picture, resolution and color. Standard Sheilding protects against unwanted noise and interference. Gold plated heavy-duty connectors ensure extended lasting, corrosion-free co

List Price: $ 8.50