Koolertron Micro Spy GSM Listen, Audio Bug Surveillance Device (Remote Bug Monitoring)

- - Surveillance Video Equipment
  • Operating Frequency: 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ
  • Send message”1111″ to the SIM card in the alarm technique can turn on the acoustic alarm function, and send message “0000” to SIM can turn off it
  • Standby Time: Acoustic alarm function on, standby 3-five days
  • Acoustic alarm function off, standby 12-15 days
  • This device can connect to external manage as per customer’s requirement.


Merely insert a GSM SIM card of your desired phone number inside for the bug
device, then put it in anywhere you want in the globe! Whatever what you want to
monitor, just dial up the bug’s inserted phone quantity and listening anytime,
anywhere from your mobile phone / phone at hone, workplace…

Trying to find out the truth about what is becoming stated behind your back? Now you
can and from anyplace in the world. You can even location many N95 spy audio
devices an

List Value: $ 18.22