Control Products FA-I-CCA Intermediate FreezeAlarm

- - Voice Dialers
  • Protect your house, cabin, computer area, nursery, or any other temperature sensitive region
  • Automatically calls up to 3 telephone numbers when the temperature gets out of range, the energy goes out, or if the back-up battery demands replacing
  • With a easy telephone get in touch with you can verify the current temperature, whether the energy is on or off, or the voltage of the backup battery
  • Constantly calls all 3 phone numbers and gives a voice warning of what the actual problem is
  • Acquire peace of mind being aware of you will get that contact if one thing occurs in your residence, or call anytime to see that all is well

Inter Freeze Alarm, Calls 3 Phone Numbers If The Temperature Drops Or Energy Fails, You Can Also Remotely Verify The Temperature & Energy Status From Any Telephone In The World.The Handle Products FA-I-CCA Intermediate FreezeAlarm delivers remote monitoring of temperatures for holiday homes, greenhouses, walk-in coolers, or other places where temperature stability is critical. The Intermediate FreezeAlarm automatically calls you if there is a temperature change or power failure. You can also call the Fr

List Price: $ 199.99