Voice Activated Telephone Dialer Reviews

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  • Simple to setup.
  • Plugs into telephone and ready to use.

List Cost: $ 229.95

Price tag:

  • Skylink’s Rolling Code Technique provides maximum safety
  • 9 emergency phone / pager quantity memories
  • Tone/ Pulse dialing
  • Dials each and every phone number up to 9 times
  • Programmable pause time for pager access

The Skylink ED-100 Emergency Voice/Pager Dialer sends an emergency voice message to any phone you set it to. It is ideal for assistance, protection, safety or anyplace that requires immediate emergency notification. Skylink’s rolling code method supplies maximum safety and can store up to 9 emergency phone/pager numbers. This unit can dial each telephone number up to 9 times, and repeat the emergency message to a telephone quantity up to 9 occasions. Automatically override the occupied line for em

List Value: $ .00