Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

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  • Trackball comfort: Sculpted shape supports your hand and stays in one spot move the cursor with out moving your arm
  • Logitech Unifying receiver: Connect up to six compatible wireless devices with a single tiny receiver that stays in your laptop
  • Long battery life: Go for up to 18 months without changing the incorporated AA battery
  • Smooth cursor handle anyplace: Precision laser tracking on your desk, couch, bed or nearly any other surface
  • For Windows or Mac OS: Handle your laptop, desktop laptop or property theater Computer wirelessly from up to 30 ft. away

Your coffee table. Your preferred chair. Your comfy bed. Now there’s no limit to exactly where you can get precise cursor handle. This hand-friendly wireless trackball lets you function and play wherever you want. No mouse to move about. No tricky keypad leaving your hand feeling cramped. Just roll the ball with your thumb and click. Precision never felt so comfy. Thumb-operated trackball and laser sensor for smooth, precise cursor control. Works anywhere you do—even your sofa. Powerful 30 ft. wire

List Price tag: $ 59.99

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