Skylink ED-100 Emergency Dialer/Pager Kit Reviews

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  • Skylink’s rolling code program supplies maximum safety with a 9 emergency telephone/pager number memory
  • Activated by panic transmitter or panic key on keypad retailers emergency voice message up to 40 seconds
  • Dials every phone number 9 occasions repeats emergency message to a telephone quantity up to 9 instances
  • Automatically overrides occupied line for emergency get in touch with works with up to 16 panic transmitters (PT-434), added transmitters accessible separately
  • Programmable entry/exit delay universal dial tone adapts to voice systems of all telephone companies

Save income by passing on a full safety method and installing the Skylink Wireless Security AD105 Emergency Dialer and Panic. The Emergency Dialer sends your personalized emergency voice message to preprogrammed telephone numbers. When you have an emergency, just hit the Panic button on your included transmitter, and the Dialer will right away send your emergency message to the telephone number you decide on. Let household, friends, or authorities know when you need to have support at a moment’s notice. The Panic Tran

List Price: $ 122.39


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