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  • The Digi Guard® is a new and innovative product for the security industry. You can use it to playback a wide variety of sound files, these range from messages welcoming guest or warning off intruders. You can even have informative messages.
  • Alternatively you can store and play music using the Digi Guard® as a digital media player for indoor or outdoor use. All the sound files are stored in the Digi Guard® on a removable SD card so its really easy to do quality recordings away from site in a suitable recording location.
  • Some people even use the Digi Guard® to playback sound effects such as a dog barking or very faint police car in the distance to scare off unwelcome visitors who have entered restricted areas they shouldn’t have.
  • It’s really 2 products in 1 because of its 2 distinct features. Feature 1 is its ability to playback pre-recorded MP3 sound files through its built in amplifier and speaker. These sound files can be recorded and customized by the end-user for maximum flexibility.
  • Feature 2 is the audio amplifier. The Digi Guard® can be used as an internal or external loudspeaker, to allow the operator to convey a message to visitors or even crowds in proximity to the Digi Guard® speaker. This feature can be used for security purposes to warn off an intruder for business and property management. Councils use them for example to tell someone to pick up litter they have dropped or to warn them they are illegally parked. For the majority of businesses that are not manned 24/7, using this feature gives the owner/manager a peace of mind even when they are not there. If an intruder breaks into the property or its perimeter during the night, they can be alerted by an alarm input such as a motion sensor and then “warn off” the intruder.

10 Alarm Inputs * 10 Warning Sounds & Voices * Microphone Function (Microphone Not Included In The Kit) * SD Card Included * IP65 Ivory ABS Housing * MP3 File Compatible Deterring Vandals The Digi Guard® is a great tool to warn off unwanted visitors in vulnerable areas prone to vandalism. IE: “We have spotted you in a restricted area. Please drop down the Bolt-Cutters and wait for the Police” Welcoming Visitors Use the Digi Guard® to automatically welcome visitors to your premises and promote

List Price: $ 727.99