Outdoor Wireless Remote Security System PIR-20

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  • the transmitter uses rechargeable batteries (included) when used outside the batteries can be charged using the sun’s rays.
  • When used inside it can be charged using electricity -the transmitter also features weather resistant ABS plastic housing, an adjustable mounting plate, and a solar panel to save on batteries -the receiver features a power light indicator, mode switch (on-off-auto), alarm switch (on-off), delay time controller (adjust between 10 seconds and 10 minutes)
  • security code switch (to prevent interference from outside signals), power cord with auxiliary receptacle to plug in any appliance up to 300 Watts
  • transmission range up to 75 feet (less depending upon the number of walls) -for larger security needs additional receivers and transmitters can be added
  • great for indoor or outdoor security -alarm can be silenced so that only the appliance is activated

The Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security System, PIR20. This innovative product allows you to use your imagination to create our own security system. Unlike the current motion activated lights on the market today that only turn on an outdoor light when someone approaches your home, the PIR20 sends a wireless signal to the receiver located inside your home. The receiver will then activate an alarm (the alarm can be silenced if you prefer) and turn on any electrical appliance that is plugged in

List Price: $ 30.78


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