3.5″ Biometric Hard Drive

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MODEL- BIOHD35U2500 VENDOR- KANGURU Options Functions- three.five” Biometric Hard Drive Transport your information in this secure portable difficult drive that is protected by your fingerprints! You can only achieve access to the drive by verifying your identity with a registered fingerprint. Also the drive is automatically locked when it is disconnected from the Pc. As an added benefit all saved fingerprints as effectively as the plan itself are stored straight on th

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Specification:  It supports 3 different methods to unlock your door: fingerprint, password and mechanical crucial.

* 3 different techniques to unlock : fingerprint, password and mechanical crucial
* Maximum 120 fingerprints
* No pc programming needed
* Keyless unlocking
* No external wiring required
* Specially developed reversible deal with which accommodates each left or proper opening doors.
* Passage mode which is hassle-free for meeting and conference
* I

List Price: $ 93.97

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