Biometric Security Fingerprint Car Starter/alarm

- - Biometrics
  • ultimate Automobile Safety Method
  • Biometris Fingerprint Safety
  • A number of Programable Customers
  • Live Fimgerprint Identification
  • Utilizes four Biological Markers

Our Flagship Program is the “Cellularm” Fingerprint Automobile Starter/Alarm. This amazing unit
performs on ANY vehicle, truck, boat, or RV or any other automobile with a gasoline or deisel
engine that utilizes a standard ignition and fuel system. Built around exclusive
technologies known as “Live Fingerprint Identification” it utilizes the 4 biological
markers of pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and the capillary patterns in the
skin, as properly as a proprietary “three Dimensional Scan Techn

List Cost: $ 699.00


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