Elo Intellitouch E101984 15-Inch Screen LCD Monitor Reviews

- - Biometrics
  • Spill-resistant sealing
  • Stable tilt base that is removable or reversible for wall mounting
  • Reducing the number of power bricks and communication cables, and side controls with lockout for public use.

The Elo Entuitive 1529L touchmonitor expands the company’s family of reliable, easily integrated, multifunction touch solutions. The retail-rugged Entuitive 1529L includes options for a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), biometric fingerprint reader, and a choice of either a 2 x 20 vacuum fluorescent rear-facing customer display (VFD) or the first consumer-touchable 12.1″ rear-facing customer display. The Entuitive 1529L has been designed for touch from the ground up, with such features as spill-resi

List Price: $ 742.00


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