Assured Performance Police Tone 3 Sound Siren + Microphone 50w 115db Ton of Fun

- - Horns & Sirens
  • Super Loud 115db 50watt of Ear Piercing Siren & PA Microphone
  • 3 Sound Siren-Sounds just like an EMERGENCY Vehicle siren
  • Mess with your Buddies, raise heck with your neighbors!!
  • Easy Install -Hooks up in minutes Designed for Years of use
  • Brand New in the Box-Includes Install Instructions

This item is one of Assured Automotive Products most popular items we carry. Sold EXCLUSIVELY by Assured Automotive Company and their Dealers. It is so much fun, you may want to check your local laws. It may be illegal for you to have this much fun!! This kit include a 50watt ABS Speaker that blares out @ 115db. Also included is a durable microphone(handle) with 3 buttons to control the different siren tones. There are 2 wail tones and an air horn tone. Don’t forget the PA Microphone, after you

List Price: $ 79.99