Sure Elite Cordless Electronic Personal Rape Attack Alarm – Ebony

- - Barking-Dog Alarms
  • High frequency 120DB +, pulsating siren
  • Single handed operation
  • Compact size
  • Key Ring Attachment
  • Always armed, no On/Off switch.

It’s a shame we can’t always feel safe when walking in an unfamiliar area, or after a night out. But with the Elite Cordless Personal Attack Alarm, you can always walk with confidence.

Unlike traditional personal alarms, there are no rip cords or pins to pull – all you have to do is squeeze both sides of the alarm to activate the siren. To deactivate simply press the reset button at the base of the alarm. With no rip cords or pins, it also means there won’t be a risk of accidental activation!

List Price: $ 6.96