Signal Vehicle Products 4-Function 100 Watt Undercover Siren Amplifier with Controller

- - Horns & Sirens
  • Wail or Yelp modes with Air-horn and Phaser override functions
  • Meets Class A sound output specifications
  • ten-16 VDC. Self-resetting circuit protection against speaker shorts
  • Compact amplifier makes it possible for for concealed mounting
  • Optimistic and adverse switching for AUX input.

The SS651 siren combines modest size with large energy. This unit is perfect for volunteers and automobiles with limited mounting space. The SS651 attributes a 3-position rocker switch that provides you Yelp and Wail tones even though supplying Manual siren handle and Air horn override in the Standby mode. The momentary rocker switch supplies Phaser override in the Yelp mode. The compact manage panel can be effortlessly mounted under or on the dash panel. The amplifier section is compact for concealing mounting. The uni

List Price: $ 181.68


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