X10 Pro PSH02 Powerhorn Siren, 105dB Reviews

- - Horns & Sirens
  • Emits a piercing 105dB alarm when triggered
  • Responds to X10 On/Off or Dim/Brighten commands
  • Plugs into a normal power outlet
  • Automatically resets itself

The X10 Plug-In Powerhorn Siren Module, 105dB emits a piercing alarm when triggered by an X10 Pro safety technique. The module plugs into a regular energy outlet, and responds to alternating X10 On/Off commands. About four seconds right after the commands stop, the module is silenced and automatically resets itself. In addition to serving as an alarm, the Powerhorn Siren Module also performs as an annunciator. When connected to an X10 alarm panel, the module can respond to “BRIGHTEN/DIM” commands. The Vibrant

List Cost: $ 21.95


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