GE 45132 Choice-Alert Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm System Reviews

- - Motion Detectors
  • Detects motion inside or outdoors your residence making use of LED motion notification
  • Adjustable motion detection angle
  • High/low sensitivity selection up to 40-Feet
  • Effortless to set up, straightforward to use
  • Develop your personal alarm technique

Want additional safety inside your residence? GE’s Decision-Alert Wireless Motion Sensor can help place your mind at ease anywhere in your property by detecting motion inside or outside your house making use of LED motion notification. Note: demands a GE Selection Alert Manage Center to operate.The weather-resistant GE 45132 Choice Alert Wireless Motion Sensor detects movement within a 110-degree region from up to 40 feet away. Excellent for monitoring activity in and around your residence, such as in the garage, backyard, hallways

List Price tag: $ 34.99